In addition to supporting small businesses during the pandemic, investing in our schools, lowering prescription drug costs and securing funding for transportation projects that will improve our ferry system, Tarra sponsored legislation to:

  • Expand access to affordable healthcare. HB 1616 expanded access to free and reduced healthcare to 2.2 million Washingtonians
  • Create the State Office of Behavioral Health Consumer Advocacy to protect behavioral health patients while clearing out corruption and mistreatment 
  • Restore voting rights for people convicted of a felony immediately after they served their time
  • Supply housing vouchers for people leaving incarceration to increase a person’s opportunity to become employed and prevent recidivism


Our region’s economic growth should benefit all of us – not just wealthy CEOs and corporations. Tarra will fight for an economy that works for everyone:

  • Stand with Washington workers and work to create better paying jobs with benefits
  • End homelessness and increase affordable housing
  • Fund affordable childcare for workers
  • Tax reform that ensures the super-rich pay their fair share for the services we all depend on


For Tarra, education was her pathway out of poverty. As a graduate of both Central Kitsap High School and Olympic College and public school parent, Tarra is committed to ensuring all students in our community can access quality education they need to succeed:

  • Funding for early childhood education and wrap around services for children with additional needs
  • Affordable higher education
  • Increased access to job training and apprenticeship programs


A former nurse, Tarra has witnessed firsthand our broken healthcare system. As one of the leading causes of bankruptcy, Tarra knows we have a responsibility to reduce costs and increase access to quality healthcare, so no one has to worry about getting the care they need:

  • Increased funding for behavioral healthcare, including mental health treatment and substance use disorder
  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs
  • Protect women’s reproductive healthcare
  • Affordable, comprehensive healthcare for all

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our community. Tarra knows we must lead on this issue as a state:

  • Reduce carbon pollution and hold fossil fuel industries accountable for protecting our clean air and water
  • Increase incentives for producing cleaner fuels and energy efficient construction
  • Invest in communities most impacted by climate change

Civil Rights

Tarra is a civil rights advocate who is determined to fight for justice for everyone:

  • Protect voting rights to ensure everyone has a voice in our democracy
  • Stand up for our immigrant neighbors, family and friends
  • Fight back against systemic racism and ensure people of color have a voice in the decisions that impact their communities
  • Give a voice to formerly incarcerated people, find solutions to ease recovery and re-entry and end the school-to-prison pipeline

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